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The Vampire Diaries Rehash

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Re#ash

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Rehash formerly known as The Vampire Diaries Rehash (stylized as «Re#ash») was a feature on The CW’s site.

It recaped the latest episode in 3-7 minutes featuring comments from Twitter with hashtag TVD and TO. The seasons featured are seasons 4-7 of «The Vampire Diaries» and season 3 of «The Originals».

As of the Fall 2015, the CWRehash featured both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

The Hosts

Season 1 (2012-2013)

Episodes Host
1-6; 11-13; 17-18 Arielle Kebbel
7-10; 14-16 Malese Jow
Season 2 (2013-2014)

Episodes Host
1-14; 16-22 Arielle Kebbel
15 Malese Jow
Season 3 (2014-2015)

Episodes Host
1-2; 4; 6-10; 12-14; 16-22 Arielle Kebbel
3; 5; Emily C. Chang
11 Marguerite MacIntyre
15 Malese Jow
Season 4 (2015-2016)
(The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Rehash)

Episodes Host
1-5 Arielle Kebbel
2 Michael Malarkey (guest co-host)



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Halloween Vampire Cocktail

September 14, 2017 Updated October 2, 2019 By Krissy 38 Comments

Vampire Cocktail is the perfect spooky Halloween drink. Syringes filled with sweetened raspberry puree look gory, but taste amazing!

Vampire Cocktail – how fun! I have to admit, I really enjoy making this cocktail. First of all, I love every ingredient in this drink. The base of the cocktail is an easy to make combination of vodka and amaretto shaken with ice combined with orange juice and club soda. That alone is delicious, but when you inject the gory blood, errrr I mean sweetened raspberry puree, the drink not only tastes delicious but you realize this Vampire Cocktail is the must-serve drink for any Halloween party. To make something look gory and disgusting, yet taste awesome, just tickles me pink.

I originally published this post in the first few months of having a blog back when I started in 2014. It quickly became one of my popular recipes this time of year, so I decided to recreate it with a video (scroll down to see it) and give the post a much needed refresh. I also have a lot of other great Halloween recipes I wanted to share with you to go along with the vampire cocktail! Equally gory is the Zombie Shooter. If you’re looking for a kid friendly drink, be sure to check out my Witches’ Brew. If fun Halloween party food is what you’re looking for, look no further than my Trick-or-treat Overload Bars, Monster Cookies, Ghost Meringues, Jello Candy Corns, or the ever popular and oh-so delicious Peanut Butter Spider Cookies.

Who knew some raspberry puree cooked with sugar would turn out looking just like blood? This stuff tasted so good, especially in the vampire cocktail. If you’re wondering where I found the syringes, I had to look no further than one of those big Halloween superstores that pop up everywhere this time of year. They came in a six pack and I plan on making this vampire cocktail every Halloween from now until forever.

Here’s a funny to brighten your day:

Why is a vampire a good person to take out for meals? Because he eats necks to nothing. Get it? Ha!

How to make a Vampire Cocktail:

  • Allow me to go through the process of making this drink. First you shake the vodka and amaretto with some ice to get it nice and cold. Then you stir in the OJ and club soda and pour it over ice. This would be a pretty boring drink at this point if it weren’t for the spooky bat with the glowing red eyes in the background, don’t you agree?
  • Suck (get it? vampire – suck) up an ounce of the chilled raspberry puree into each syringe and stick it in the glass. Restrain yourself from squeezing the puree into each glass because its so darn fun. Don’t deprive your guests of this pleasure.
  • Give it a good squeeze. Ewwwww.
  • Give it a stir. I’ve watched enough Walking Dead, Dexter, and True Blood to freely admit that I was pretty darn pleased with myself in making this drink look like it has blood in it. Well done, Krissy. I can mark that one off my bucket list.
  • Lastly, empty those syringes into the other drinks. You have to admit, its pretty fascinating.

Looking for other fall drinks that would be perfect for Halloween?

In addition to this vampire cocktail, you can make:

  • Autumn Punch – a refreshing drink for the grown ups full of apple cranberry juice, fresh plums, pear, and a mouth watering Gewurztraminer, or other fruity white wine
  • Autumn Infused Water – stay hydrated while infusing water with your favorite fall fruits
  • Caramel Apple Pie Shot – super easy mixture of vodka and apple cider topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. I’ll take two, please!
  • Pumpkin Pie Martini – perfectly festive for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any time you see a leaf change colors and fall from a tree
  • Maple Bourbon Apple Cider – this one is a super quick cocktail of apple cider, bourbon whiskey, sweetened with pure maple syrup with a squeeze of lemon
  • Hot Apple Toddy – nothing quite says fall like hot apple cider infused with fall spices with a warm-your-belly shot of whiskey

My husband always likes me to credit him on his ideas. Ladies and gentlemen, it was his idea for me to shoot the vampire cocktail from above and he was 100% right. Not only was it a cool angle because you can see more of our sweet bat, but the sweetened raspberry puree really looks like blood in the photo below. So, if you feel nauseated right now, you can thank him.

I’m not lying when I tell you this drink tastes really good. I guarantee it will be the hit of any Halloween party.

Tools used to make this Halloween Vampire Cocktail:

Halloween Drink Syringe: This one even comes with a blood bag! Ewwwww.
Cocktail Shaker: Every fun home needs one.
Blender: This is a kitchen must have. I recommend Blendtec as its what I have and have used more than a thousand times without fail, but I’m sure a Vitamix is equally as awesome. If you don’t already have one of these, add it to your Christmas wish list!
Mesh Strainer: This is perfect for pressing fruit purees through to sort the puree from the skins and seeds. It also works fantastic to sift flours and sugars! I like this set because of the three different sizes.

Парочки сериала «Дневники вампира»

Новоиспеченный муж Йен Сомерхольдер с супругой Ники Рид

С бывшей девушкой и уже можно сказать бывшей коллегой по сериалу Ниной Добрев (встречались с 2010 по 2013 гг), о личной жизни которой с тех пор ничего неизвестно.

Пол Уэсли (Стефан)и Фиби Тонкин (встречаются с сентября 2013)

С бывшей женой Торри Дэвитто (женаты были с 2011 года по июль 2013) Кстати, тоже засветилась в сериале, еще будучи замужем естественно)

Кэндис Аккола (Кэролайн) в сентябре 2014 вышла замуж за музыканта Джо Кинга

Кэт Грэхем (Бонни) с 2010 по 2014 встречалась с Котрелом Гидри. Очень красивая и яркая парочка)

Стивен Маккуин (Джереми) На протяжении долгого времени встречался со своей партнёршей по съемочной площадке сериала Кэндис Акколой. В январе 2013 года были слухи, что встречается с дочерью Шона Пена. А в целом: со всеми понемногу.

Майкл Тревино долгое время встречался актрисой сериала «Хор». В 2014 пара распалась.

Зак Рериг (Мэтт)Длительное время он встречался с актрисой Аланной Тернер. В 2011 году у пары родилась дочь, но вскоре молодые люди расстались. Также некоторое время встречался с коллегой по сериалу . тадааам — Кэндис Аколой, но в 2012 г они расстались.

Джозеф Морган (Клаус) с женой Персией Уайт, поженились в 2014 г

Дэниел Гилис (Элайджа) с женой Рейчел Ли Кук (двое детей)

Мэттью Дэвис (Аларик) «Встречался с Зоуи Дешанель, Сэльмой Блэр, Сарой Ланкастер. В одном из интервью актёр признался, что за последние десять лет его отношения с женщинами отобрали у него слишком много сил и энергии. Мэтт хочет свободы и не имеет никакого желания обзаводиться семьёй»

Тейлор Кини (небольшая роль в сериале, но зато встречается с Леди Гагой))

‘The Vampire Diaries’ 8×13 recap: Bonnie’s world

The Vampire Diaries season 8, episode 13 proved once again that Bonnie is the baddest witch around.

Who could literally create their own world in between Earth and Hell? Bonnie, of course! What can’t this woman do? Besides bring her love, Enzo, back from her world, apparently?

Tonight’s episode seemed a bit less jam-packed than a few of the more recent ones, but the chess pieces are definitely moving forward. We have only three episodes left until we say farewell to our beloved vampires and co. Read on for our review of “The Lies Will Catch up to You.”

‘The Vampire Diaries’ 8×13 recap

Kai is back, ya’ll! Well, sort of. Hell’s bell brought him back and he’s kind of stuck in between worlds and Cade has no idea — yet. The man has guts to even be in the same room as Alaric after killing is wife fiancée. But of course Kai has an idea to kill Cade and save Elena. Who do we think is first to bite the bait? Let’s all welcome Mister Damon Salvatore to the episode.

Ah, Damon. You never let us down when it comes to a plan involving doing something terrible for something possibly good to happen. Jumping to help Kai in a heartbeat is so typical of him. When will he just get over “saving” Elena and just let Bonnie live her life? What’s 60 or so years to a vampire?

So now that Stefan is human, EVERYONE he’s compelled is now remembering strange stories they were told by an “intense guy with weird hair.” Matt and Caroline are stuck with damage control. Caroline re-compels the victims with new stories. That is, until Matt gets a call from Dorian that he kidnapped and shot Stefan.

Oh, did we not get to that yet? You know Dorian, the guy that’s been helping Matt and Alaric at the Armory? Well, turns out he’s one of those people that has been compelled by Stefan in the past.

Okay, rewind. So, Dorian. Correction — Dorian Williams, kidnaps Stefan and reminds him that he killed his parents, Robert and Tina Williams. Stefan remembers that it was during one of those Klaus-binge-ripper killings.

Well, Dorian is pissed, as he should be, and tells Stefan to basically dig his own grave. One thing leads to another and Dorian shoots Stefan and then immediately regrets it because he’s a good guy. Not Stefan — Dorian. Dorian Williams.

Caroline and Matt rush to help Stefan. They almost lost Stefan to Cade, but Stefan chose to stay and live instead of giving Caroline peace. Or so was said by Cade. Stefan continues to break Caroine’s heart by saying he thinks he needs to leave Mystic Falls… alone. Caroline calls bullshit.

Would Caroline really have been at peace if Stefan died? Well, there are still three episodes left. We’ll find out soon enough!

Bonnie is psychic, created her own world when Enzo died — which is harboring him now — and is also so badass that she walks up to the Devil himself to ask him how to reach Enzo.

Cade “teaches” Bonnie how to benefit from her powerful traumatic awakening. He tells her that when Enzo died and she screamed, it brought about her new abilities. Cade helps Bonnie to channel Enzo and find him in her in-between world. There, Enzo tells Bonnie not to trust Cade because Cade is still searching for him to take his soul.

Damn, so here’s Enzo, just chilling in Bonnie’s world hiding from the Devil. When Bonnie comes to, she leaves and tells Cade that nothing happened, but of course Cade has no chill. He figures out Bonnie’s world and tries to access it through her. Didn’t work, though! At least this time.

Kai’s nose starts to bleed as he’s catching up on his Twitter feed. Speaking of, whoever is handing his twitter account seriously needs to get on top of things. As of this moment this is @KobraKai1972‘s last tweet:

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